The Course

Embarking on a journey through faith can be both uplifting and challenging, especially when the road takes unexpected turns. This session zeroes in on the foundational element of creating a secure and nonjudgmental space between partners. Together, you'll explore strategies for open communication, recognizing and honoring each other's spiritual boundaries, and the art of active listening. The goal here is to build a solid base for navigating faith-related ups and downs without shaking the core of your partnership.

Imagine being able to approach sensitive topics with love, respect, and an open heart. By the end of this session, you'll have practical tools in hand to support each other through times of spiritual questioning or transformation. These skills are not just theoretical; they're designed for daily life, enabling you and your partner to deepen your connection and embrace each other's spiritual journey, whatever direction it may take.

What you will learn

Embarking on this journey, I started by really considering the unique challenges couples face when one or both partners experience shifts in their faith. I meticulously wove together insights from psychology, spirituality, and relationship dynamics to ensure you find not just support, but comprehensive tools tailored to navigate these waters. This course is designed to be your steadfast companion, fostering an environment of understanding and compassion between you. Through each carefully organized module, you'll discover the enormous benefit of learning to communicate and connect in ways that fortify your relationship, despite the differences that may arise. It's the heartfelt effort and structure poured into this course that makes it an invaluable blueprint for couples seeking to create a safe space for growth, conversation, and deeper intimacy during times of change.

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Meet Valerie Hamaker

Valerie Hamaker brings a rich fusion of expertise and empathy to her role as an educator, drawing directly from her extensive background as a licensed therapist specializing in couple's dynamics and complex trauma recovery. With two master's degrees and a tapestry of advanced certifications—including clinical experience that sharply focuses on the nuanced journey of faith crises—Valerie applies her therapeutic acuity to cultivate a safe and supportive environment for couples navigating these turbulent waters. Her passionate immersion in the intersection of psychological well-being and spiritual development informs her hands-on approach, offering students not merely theoretical insights, but practical strategies honed from years of dedicated practice and her own engagement with the Latter-Day Saint community.

Beyond the confines of the therapy room, Valerie's voice resonates through her acclaimed Latter Day Struggles Podcast, her private counseling practice, and various online platforms where she champions the cause of personal empowerment within the spiritual realm. Recognized for her candid discussions and proactive guidance, she commits herself to each session with the aim of fostering psychological resilience and fostering genuine dialogue, allowing couples to emerge with a fortified bond and a renewed sense of purpose within their faith experiences. Her teachings reflect a heartfelt dedication to bridging the gap between spiritual aspirations and emotional well-being, ensuring every couple leaves her course equipped to navigate the complexities of their shared spiritual journey.


Building Understanding and Connection in Troubled Times


Forging a Strong Bond Through Shared Challenges


Creating a Balance in Beliefs and Support