The Course

Navigating a faith crisis can be a rocky road for any couple, but throw in the everyday stresses of life, and it's like trying to climb a mountain in flip-flops. Fear not, though! In this session, we'll lace up some sturdy boots and learn to tread confidently. Together, we'll dive into effective stress management techniques tailor-made for two, helping both partners support each other through these choppy waters. By understanding how stress affects our beliefs and relationships, you'll gain tools to stay connected and afloat, even when the waves of life come crashing in.

But what's a journey without being able to tell your tale, right? Sharing your personal narrative with your partner can be as daunting as singing karaoke for the first time - you want to hit the right notes without the voice crack. We've got your back! You'll discover how to craft and communicate your evolving story with authenticity and sensitivity. This isn't about projecting a highlight reel for the 'gram; it's about building a deeper, more meaningful connection with your partner by sharing your true self, faith inklings, doubts, and all. So let's turn those shaky voice notes into a harmonious duet that resonates in the real world.

What you will learn

As we started developing this transformative journey, we concentrated on truly understanding the nuances and complexities of what you, as part of a couple facing a faith transition, might be going through. I've poured my heart and expertise into crafting a curriculum that not only teaches effective stress management techniques but also empowers you and your partner to articulate your evolving beliefs and experiences. The sessions are structured to build upon each other seamlessly, providing you with a supportive space to reflect, grow, and connect. You'll find it to be a comprehensive guide, with each part thoughtfully organized to foster meaningful dialogue and personal insight. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness participants discover new ways to support each other through this shared journey and to see them emerge with strengthened bonds and a narrative that resonates with their authentic selves.

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Your instructor

Valerie Hamaker, MA, LPC, NCC, CPT, SATP, brings an extensive background in couples therapy and complex trauma recovery to her role as an educator and guide through the nuances of faith crises and expansions. With dual master’s degrees in Counseling and Psychological Services, her approach is infused with a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics that challenge and strengthen intimate relationships. Valerie's commitment to facilitating personal and spiritual growth is evident in her multifaceted practice, which encompasses private counseling, a supportive podcast aimed at Latter-Day Saints, and tailored online resources that empower individuals to navigate their unique journeys with confidence and clarity.

At the heart of Valerie’s teachings is her dedication to equipping couples with practical stress management techniques and fostering an environment where sharing personal narratives becomes a transformative experience. Her passion for nurturing psychological resilience within the framework of LDS beliefs is more than a professional pursuit; it’s a personal mission. Valerie’s expertise and empathy create a rich learning atmosphere where each participant is encouraged to explore new perspectives, craft their own story, and emerge stronger, both individually and as a unit, within their faith and relationship.