What's included?

  • 4 hours a month
  • Three 80-minute sessions of synchronous time with Valerie where she will offer mini-master classes, answer questions, facilitate group processing of a variety of faith-expansion related conversations, and work with individual group members in periodic individual coaching sessions.

  • Small Breakout Groups
  • Valerie organizes virtual breakout sessions after our group meetings for those who prefer smaller, more intimate settings to delve deeper into the content. Several members find this a wonderful opportunity to process some of their most important faith expansion work with a few other open hearts and open minded people.

  • Group Connection
  • With your own support group via a closed Facebook Page and a current-members-only Marco Polo Group. These are places where members of the group process group experiences together, support one another in their real-life challenges, and reinforce the reality that we are not alone in this journey.

  • Closed Facebook Group
  • For all current members of ALL of Valerie’s groups where current group members from all groups can find more connection, discover others in their geographic area, and enjoy periodic Facebook LIVE Question and Response Sessions with Valerie and Nathan as well as other special guest speakers.

  • Podcast Guest Opportunities
  • Valerie occasionally has group members come on the podcast as guests to share their own experiences in faith expansion. Val frequently gets requests from listeners who want to share…and she limits guest appearances to those whom she knows and loves personally :).

  • 1:1 Coaching Opportunities
  • Valerie occasionally invites group members to volunteer for individual coaching during the group zoom meetings. These are great opportunities for everyone to learn from the principles and reflect upon insights. This is a VOLUNTEER position only, and no one will be forced to share.

Evening groups are popular! This is the last evening group offer for this year, so don't wait!