In this webinar, Valerie will dive deep into the differences between a "one pillar" and a "multiple pillar" relationship with life.  She will cover the following: 

  • A definition of a "one pillar" versus a "multiple pillar" orientation to family life 
  • In-depth exploration of eight topics to consider as you assess whether you are a "one pillar" or "multiple pillar" family 
  • These topics include (but are not limited to) narrow versus broad worldview, relationship to life choices, relationship to performance pressure, relationship to guilt versus peace 
  • Personal assessment to think about your own childhood and how your own family of origin was oriented regarding "single" or "multiple" pillar life orientation 

Learning Outcomes: 

Following this webinar you will: 

  • Be able to better conceptualize how broad or narrow your mindset is as a family regarding multiple areas of psychological significance
  • Be better able to trace some of your tendencies back to your childhood homes 
  • Have conversation-starters regarding differences in your childhood homes regarding orientation on the given topics 
  • Have some direction on how you might want to transition away from being "single pillar" families towards becoming "multiple pillar" families


  Creating a Multiple-Pillar Foundation for Yourselves and Your Children
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