In this webinar Valerie will create the foundation for her philosophy on healthy mixed-faith parenting.  Valerie will cover the following: 

  • The attachment model and healthy attachment to children is connected to healthy family life 
  • Values-Based parenting versus Beliefs-based parenting 
  • 6 step process to creating your own "Family Core Value System" 
  • Case Study on using your own "Family Core Value System" in your family 

Learning Outcomes: 

Following this webinar you will: 

  • Find more clarity around your concerns about mixed faith parenting 
  • Understand the connection between healthy human attachment and healthy family relationships
  • Be able to see how having differing belief systems does not need to impact growth, closeness, and intimacy 
  • Have a structure for building connection based on mutual respect of common values rather than common beliefs and practices
  • Have an idea about how to integrate the "Family Core Value System" model into your home


  Mixed Faith Parenting in the LDS Faith
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