In this webinar, Valerie helps couples understand why mixed faith families with a Latter Day Saint connection is a complex, confusing, and anxiety-inducing endeavor.  Specifically she will cover the following: 

  • Complexities and relational implications of several different types of mixed-faith couples 
  • Specific interpersonal dynamics that set couples up to succeed or fail in mixed faith settings
  • An analysis of 7 myths and realities about raising kids in mixed faith homes 
  • An overview of foundational principles that can be the foundation of strong mixed faith family life 

Learning Outcomes: 

Following this webinar you will: 

  • Have a better understanding of the resiliencies and the vulnerabilities of your specific mixed-faith orientation 
  • Have new language to better talk about your own mixed faith dynamic--its strengths, weaknesses, and some pre-existing conditions of your marriage that either help or hinder your success as a mixed-faith couple 
  • Be able to assess whether you have fallen prey to various common myths about mixed-faith parenting 
  • Have a new set of simple principles that you can use immediately in your mixed-faith parenting life  


  Mixed Faith Parenting Myth Busting and Principles for Problem Solving
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