In this webinar series, Valerie Hamaker will discuss how to establish a framework of emotional safety as a couple, create a model of marriage that is growth oriented, and develop healthy stress management skills when sharing our faith development narratives with one another.

This series is in three online sessions:

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 8:30 CST

How to Feel Safe Again in Your Marriage

Wednesday May 8, 2024 8:30 CST

The Growth-Oriented Marriage

Wednesday June 5, 2024 8:30 CST

Developing Healthy Stress Management

There will be a 30-45 minute presentation followed by a 15-30 minute Q&A live discussion.

Following this series you will:

  • Have a better understanding of how to prevent the struggles in your marriage from becoming traumatic for either the more-traditionally believing or the less-traditionally believing partner 
  • Better understand the attachment model and better understand why you respond to your partner as you do when in stressful situations (such as you are currently experiencing in your marriage) 
  • Have the tools and guidance to make better sense of the development of your faith experience 
  • Have the tools and guidance to understand and honor your partner’s legitimate faith experience

Each session has its own Zoom registration link, which will be sent out immediately after purchasing.

A message for spouses...

Diving into a class about faith crisis can be scary, especially when you and your partner are in different places. We understand your concerns. If you are feeling unsure, please watch this...

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Hi, I’m Valerie...

I am a licensed therapist, educator, podcaster, and active Latter-day Saint. My passion is to help couples work together in healthier ways to navigate through a faith expansion experience. This work is exceedingly challenging. But it is sacred. I dedicate my entire professional expertise to the increased health and well being of families as they move forward through a faith journey.

LIVE! Event: April 3, 2024 8:30p CST 



In this class Valerie creates a foundation for the deep work that you will do as individuals and couples struggling in your marriage due to LDS faith expansion. She will: 

  • Help each partner see more clearly the resiliencies of their marriage 
  • Assist each partner in understanding the legitimate emotional pain of each partner in their marriage 
  • Offer tools to both partners to help them be more emotionally attuned to their own and their partners experience 
  • Help partners gain hope that their marriage can be saved even as it is changing 

Learning Outcomes: 

Following this webinar you will: 

  • Be able to remember the resiliencies of your marriage and call upon these in this challenging time
  • Be able to articulate why you are are feeling a variety of emotions 
  • Begin to learn how to tolerate your partners emotions 
  • Have some strategies to validate your partners experience (no matter where they are on the faith spectrum) 
  • Learn why it is important to offer protection, comfort, and safety to your partner no matter where they are on the faith spectrum


LIVE! Event: May 8, 2024 8:30p CST 



In this class Valerie shares some incredibly important information about the difference between a marriage that survives and a marriage that truly thrives. It all comes down to a focus on personal growth. Personal growth evokes more emotional intimacy than most couples can even imagine. She will: 

  • Define the difference between a “validation-based” marriage and a “growth-oriented” marriage
  • Define the concept of “individuation” and expand on how this concept is key to spiritual, psychological, and relational health 
  • Outline and explain 20 characteristics of a “growth-oriented” marriage and offer examples of how this applies in marriages with a more traditionally-believing partner and a less-traditionally believing partner


Learning Outcomes: 

Following this webinar you will: 

  • Have a different framework to better understand that marriages can actually thrive as partners grow, change, and even have different spiritual views and beliefs 
  • Be able to begin to talk about your varying beliefs and see that healthy relationship is about connection, not conforming to one another 
  • Be able to personally assess ways in which your marriage might begin to flourish as you focus on becoming more “growth-oriented” and less “validation-based” 
  • Have a new paradigm to measure healthy marriage even when you and your partner have evolving and sometimes diverging beliefs

LIVE! Event: June 5, 2024 8:30p CST 



In this class Valerie works with you on better understanding the difference between stress and trauma. Faith crisis will be stressful on a marriage but it need not be traumatic. Valerie will help you learn how to understand your coping strategies and will work you through how to talk to one another about your faith journey. She will: 

  • Define the difference between a normal stress and traumatic stress
  • Help you see how your current stress management styles are likely adaptations from your childhood 
  • Offer you a step-by-step guide in creating a time-line of your faith journey, including both faith-enhancing experiences and faith-complicating experiences (if applicable)
  • Offer step-by-step guidance on how each partner can share and receive their partner’s faith development time-line

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